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Will you partner With Us?


We want to thank all those who have become partners and supported the ministry of The Bible Channel. Without your partnership, prayer and financial support it would have been almost  impossible to achieve the success, which The Bible Channel has had so  far.

Everything in Satellite Television Ministry cost large sums of Money. But I can assure you that every Pound and Dollar spent in  sending the Bible Teaching programmes to the hungry souls in the Arab world is worth the investment.

Just think of the harvest it is producing  ...
I encourage those who are not yet  partners to become  partners with this The Bible Channel and support this work  regularly. You will be investing in good ground. It will bear much fruit.

You can see the NEED for sending the Bible teaching programmes to The Arab World.

You  also know about the benefits of The Bible Channel's ministry for Christians and non-Christians in the Arab World.

Your investment is in good grounds. Ground which is producing harvest.

We need your support to fulfill the vision of  The Bible Channel:

  • You can sponsor a regular one half hour of airtime for 500 or US$1,000
  • You can sponsor ten minutes of airtime for 200 or US$400 
  • You can sponsor one minute of airtime for 20 or US$40

You can also sponsor production of new programmes. Please contact us and we will give you details.

We thank you for your partnership in this ministry.

We thank God for all our partners and friends of The Bible Channel ministry who have helped us faithfully and supported TBC ministry. May God bless you all in Jesus Name.

You can contact The Bible Channel on the following:

Telephone: +44-1702-207307.
Telephone from UK: 01702-207307.

Postal Address:
P.O.Box 123,
Essex - SS5 4YF
England, UK

If you like to support the work of the Bible Channel and like to send donations via online than please visit the following web link: www.thebiblechannel.org.uk


E-mail: info@thebiblechannel.org

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Never pity missionaries. Envy them. They are where the real action is, where life and  death, sin and grace, Heaven and Hell converge.