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 Why Satellite Television?

What’s significant about satellite broadcasting is that it crosses boarders, there’s no way that governments can stop it, there’s no way that the secret police or internal security can stop this  message from getting to the people for whom it’s intended. That’s one of the significant advantages of a satellite broadcast.

The Bible Channel Satellite Footprint

Over 100 million homes have access to satellite television in the Arab World.

Satellite information is as follows:
You can watch The Bible Channel’s Urdu/Hindi Programmes on the following satellites.

TBN Europe Technical Reception details

Satellite: Hotbird (13 degrees East)
Frequency: 11.566 Ghz
Polarisation: Horizontal
Symbol Rate: 27500 FEC: 3/4

also on:
Satellite: Eurobird (28.5 degrees East)
Frequency: 11.681 Ghz
Polarisation: Vertical
Symbol Rate:27500 FEC: 2/3

also on

UK Time: 11:30 am
Kuwait Time: 1:30 pm
Qatar Time: 1:30 pm
Dubai Time: 2:30 pm
Pakistan Time: 3:30 pm
Indian Time: 4:00 pm

Encouraging comments from Christians

"Satellite is a tremendous way of reaching, we never had anything like that before. We are much luckier than Saint Peter preaching and winning three thousand persons to Christ on the day of Pentecost, we can reach more people. Satellite is a blessing, let’s use it for the service of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and its expansion.”  Pastor Manis Abdulnoor - Cairo, Egypt."It’s very clear that millions of people watch The Bible Channel and when you walk Cairo’s streets or any city outsid

e Cairo, you will find many satellite dishes over the roofs of the buildings and we are fortunate that we have free accessibility to receive satellite dishes here without any obligations.” Pastor Hani, Underground Church - Egypt
"One of the greatest challenges we have as we seek to use the medium of television to minister to minister to the peoples in North Africa and the Middle East is availability of programming. And we are very happy to be working with The Bible Channel who’s programming complements  that of Sat-7. Provides valuable teaching. Specially to isolated group of believers in different countries across the region. North Africa specially,  its very hard for believers to meet together to get adequate teaching, encouragement and so The Bible Channel is playing a very vital part to providing that kind of support for the believers in this very needy  areas.”
Terry Ascott - CEO Sat-7 Channel - Middle East
"The most powerful thing we can do is to get the Word of God out and by having Bible teaching going out over the satellite airwaves we are able to literally impact tens of millions of people for the gospel of Jesus Christ. For its the Bible that God uses to touch people’s hearts and the Holy Spirit will use it to convict them of righteousness and of sin and of  judgment and of the wonderful salvation in Jesus Christ.”  Campus Crusade for Christ

Making Disciples of Jesus Christ and Planting house churches by  beaming the Word of God via satellite TV programmes in the Arab World and the 10/40 window...

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