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“Are you a Christian, teacher?”

Miriam prayed early in the morning as she did every day….”Lord, please use me today, I make  myself available to You to be a channel of Your love and Your truth. Amen.”

She arrived in the classroom of the university where she taught English to the Middle Eastern  students of the North African country where she lived.  She sat at her desk and began reviewing the material she was to teach that day.  Gradually her students came into the classroom and took their  seats.  Miriam greeted them warmly “Good morning.  I hope you are all well today and ready to continue our study of English verbs.”  There were a few groans as the students opened their books.

As the lesson drew to a close a young woman asked Miriam “Teacher, will you be sacrificing a  lamb for Eid?” Miriam looked at her student and replied “No, Hoda because Jesus Christ has given His life as a sacrifice for the sins of the world once and for all and no further sacrifice is needed.” There  were a few whispers between students and then the bell was sounding across the room for the end of the lesson. The students packed their books and began to leave the room.

Miriam looked up as Leila stood quietly at her desk waiting to speak with her.  “Is there a problem Leila?”  She asked the girl gently.  Leila shook her head and paused until the other students had all left the room and the door was closed behind them.  “Are you a Christian, teacher?” She asked.  Miriam smiled and said “Yes I am.”  Leila swallowed hard and then said,  “So am I” and paused to see Miriam’s reaction before daring to say more…. Miriam took Leila’s hand in hers and reassured her with her gentle smile and kind eyes. Leila continued,  “I became a Christian through watching The Bible Channel and so did my Mother.” Miriam was thrilled with  the news and wanted to know the details.

Miriam and Leila went to the canteen and talked animatedly over coffee about Leila’s  experience,

“What happened, how did it happen Leila?”  Miriam asked.  “Well, one night I couldn’t sleep.  My life seemed so empty, meaningless and lonely.  After trying to sleep for some time I went to watch some television.  I flicked through a few channels and couldn’t find much of interest at six in the morning and then I came across a programme that just seemed to drawer my heart, it seemed so beautiful to me and so attractive to me that I just couldn’t change channels. It was called the Bible Channel and was speaking of things I had never heard of before in my life. At the end of the programme the presenter said that if you are hungry and thirsty for the truth then ask God to reveal Himself to  you and to show you who Jesus is.  After the Bible Channel programme finished the Jesus Film came on and at the end of the film my heart melted. I knew I had to ask Jesus into my heart to be my Lord and my Saviour because I knew that day that Jesus is the truth.  Later I told my mother about the programme and we watched it together the next morning….she also learned and believed  that Jesus is the Son of God and accepted Him as her Lord and Saviour.  From that day on we have watched The Bible Channel every day and are learning more and more about the Bible.”

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"The spirit of Christ is the spirit of missions. The nearer we get to Him, the more intensely missionary we become."
Henry Martyn

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