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Latest TBC News Up Date

We are pleased to announce that from 22nd May 2006 our programmes started broadcast on TBN Europe Monday to Friday at the following times:


Satellite: Hotbird (13 degrees East)

UK Time: 11:30 am
Kuwait Time: 1:30 pm
Qatar Time: 1:30 pm
Dubai Time: 2:30 pm
Pakistan Time: 3:30 pm
Indian Time: 4:00 pm

Our “Abundant Life In Jesus Christ” Yasu Masih Mein Bharpur Zindagi series of programmes in the Urdu/Hindi language is now being broadcast on TBN Europe (Trinity Broadcasting Network) on Sky Digital on channel 763 and on Hotbird Digital satellite channels. 

The Bible Channel have been producing new series of the Bible teaching programmes in Urdu/Hindi languages on different topics.

The Urdu/Hindi language is also known as Hindustani, which is understood in Pakistan and India and also in many parts of the sub continent of India and even in Afghanistan and the Middle East. Over 700 million people around the world understand Hindustani language.

Since our first broadcast of the Bible teaching programmes in Urdu/Hindi language in November 2001 TBC have received thousands of emais, letters and telephone calls from viewers from many countries.

There are millions of people from the Indian subcontinents and the Middle East who live in UK and Europe and speak Urdu/Hindi language. So by having TBC programmes on SKY Digital channel gives us great opportunity to reach people from the Middle East and  Asian nations.

Please pray that God will use these programmes to touch lives of many souls in Jesus Name.

Thank you for your support and partnership with The Bible Channel. Without the support of God’s people it would have been almost impossible for us to achieve the results we have so far.

If you would like to contact us for any further information then please feel free to email us.

TBN Europe Technical Reception details

Satellite: Hotbird (13 degrees East)
Frequency: 11.566 Ghz
Polarisation: Horizontal
Symbol Rate: 27500 FEC: 3/4

also on:
Satellite: Eurobird (28.5 degrees East)
Frequency: 11.681 Ghz
Polarisation: Vertical
Symbol Rate:27500 FEC: 2/3


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