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 Our Mission

The Bible Channel is an interdenominational Christian satellite channel  which broadcasts Biblical discipleship teaching programmes via satellite television to the Arab World in Arabic and other regional languages.

Our Mission is to:

  1. Deliver Bible teaching programmes into the homes of Arab Christians.  There are between 15 and 20 million Christians living in the Middle East and North Africa (the Arab world).
  2. Make disciples of Jesus Christ in the Arab World and the 10/40 window from North Africa and the Middle East and throughout the Indian subcontinent and the Far East.
  3. Plant house churches without boundaries via satellite television in  the Arab World and the 10/40 window. In this area of the world traditional methods of establishing churches are frustrated by the lack of freedom of religion and human rights.

Now with the help of satellites, we can reach remote areas of the world  with the Gospel. There are no boundaries or walls to hold back the Word of God from reaching all people.

The Bible  Channel started television broadcasting via Satellite to the Arab World on 2nd May 1997...

Our Vision
The vision of The Bible  Channel is to make disciples of Jesus Christ and plant house churches without  boundaries and equip the church leaders to be effective in shepherding their congregations in the Arab world and the 10/40 window via satellite TV.

Nearly 100 million homes have access to satellite television in the Arab World.

The  Culture of the Arab World
The culture of the Arab world is one of enjoying  television, video and satellite television broadcasts, so much so that even in great poverty a large majority of people will own a television and video cassette recorder and even a satellite dish. Because of the hospitable nature of  the Arab culture, often friends, neighbors and relatives gather together in one home to watch television.

With nearly 100 million households now having access to satellites, satellite broadcasts are able to take Bible teaching programmes right into the heart of the Arab World, overcoming political and religious boundaries.

Until now, all television in the Arab world has  been government controlled.With access to over 200 TV channels, satellite is  now considered to be the best source of international uncensored news &  entertainment. Considering that many in this region can read little more than their own name, a Television screen is their window to the world.

Our Challenge
The greatest challenge facing Christians as they enter the 21st  century is how to enable the people who have the least opportunity in the world, to discover the love, peace, truth and saving power of Jesus Christ.

The church in the Arab world is growing; there are now between 15 to 20 million Arab Christians. 

Most of these brothers and sisters are living where they do not have freedom of religion and lack of human rights.  In some countries within this region it is illegal to participate in church and, in others, they cannot own a Bible or Christian literature. Because of these restrictions, many Christians have been deprived of the fellowship and teachings of the Word of God.  

Will you help us bear the burden of our Arab Christian friends who lack Bible teaching?

Will you help us to provide them with Bible teaching programmes through satellite TV?

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