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Letters From Viewers

We are receiving letters from following countries: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Yemen, Saudi  Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Israel, Greece, Sudan, Palistine, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Mosco, Romania, Poland, Alabania, Hungary, Germany, Italy, France, Gibralta, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Ireland,  Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden and other European countries including the UK.

 "Dear friends, My name is Abdel, I am honoured to write this letter. I received your address from the TV program that I watched on Friday. You  promised a cassette of a testimony, please send it to me. It may be the solution for my life. Who knows where the wind blows from or what direction it goes. Well, definitely I am very interested in talking with you about God things..”From Morocco

"My name is Dahabia, I am an Algerian married woman with 5 children. For weeks now I have been following your programs and I have never ever heard about the Lord Jesus before. I never knew that he was anything more than a prophet. But now I want to know everything about  him. I want to know about the Lord Jesus Christ who gives new life, but I have a problem here, I do not know how to pray. I have no books about  him and actually I don’t know how to read well, as I have difficulties. But anyway please send me the Bible.”
"I am from Morocco and was born in 1977. I am in my last year of high school. I have been interested in Christianity for a long time. I have followed your Satellite TV programs and from these I understood that Christ is the Saviour of the world. I became a believer! Now I feel like a changed person. Most of all I would like to receive my own Bible, as I want to know all about Jesus.” Ouna, Morocco
"Greetings in the name of God to you and your team who give us information about Jesus the Son of God. I hope to meet with Christ the Son of God. A lot of the times I look to meet Him in the streets, in the Gardens, in my sleep, at any place but I didn’t find Him. I want Him to change my life from darkness to lightness - from sadness to happiness. I want to ask you one question: Is Jesus everywhere? Or is He only in Christian  countries? I am looking forward to hear from you. I will tell you the truth. I pray to Jesus and I ask to see Him. When you meet Him please tell Him my greetings and ask Him to change my life.” Mohammed, from Morocco
"In The Bible Channel we get the Word. We get it explained and you just  get it instantly. You just open your TV and there God speaks to your heart. And there God gives you the water of the Spirit and simplifies the Word  and simplifies the Way. Because He is the Word. He is the Light. And He is the Way.” Viewer from North Africa
"Dear brothers, My name is Iman, I'm writing this letter to you after watching your program several times. I think they are beautiful - especially the music and the Bible teaching. I am an Egyptian lady, married with one son, living in Holland. If you could please send me the testimony cassette you promised.”
"For a long time, secretly, I have been hoping for information about the Bible and Christianity. Finally I have an opportunity for this as I can watch  your Satellite programs, in which you speak about Jesus. Send me all possible information.” Abdullah, Yemen
"Dear friends, I am so glad to be writing this letter after watching you several times on satellite channel. I am surprised that it is so good. I think I am ready to accept Christ. I've been thinking of it, I am 19 years old from Casablanca. I hope your programs will bring a lot of fruit.” A-S Morocco
Jesus Said,"The Harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore to send out the workers into the harvest field." Matthew 9: 37-38.

The Harvest is ready in the Arab World - and it's plentiful      
Join with us in this end time harvest to reach the most unreached parts of the world with the Word of God...

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 "Dear friends, I send you this letter from Morocco...according to your programs, on Satellite. I want to know much more about the Jesus you  preach about. After watching your program, I have only one question: "How can we plant love into heart of man?” Fatima
"My name is Hamda from Morocco. I watch your programs and I have always been interested in receiving a Bible. Could you please send me one? Thank You.”
"I am an Iraqi Christian living in Germany. At least now I can be sure that someone is doing the thing that must be done - to preach the Gospel to the Muslim world. I am very curious about this cassette and wish to receive it."
"I praise God for your excellent TV programs in which you talk about the road to Salvation. I wish you God's blessings. I am already saved but just wanted to encourage you to continue in your work.”Milad, an Iraqi living in England
"Dear Satellite Channel director, I would like to congratulate you on your programs. The reception is very good here in the city of Halab. Could you please send me the cassette you mentioned?”Gilbert, Syria
"Hello to you, I am honoured to write you this letter. You may maybe the answer I am looking for. I have been writing to other organisations to  receive a New Testament, but have never received it. If you can send me one it would be appreciated. If you have videos of North African testimonies, please send one too.”Saeed - Algeria.
"I greet you in the name of Jesus! I write with this letter wishing you all blessings. I am truly very happy when I see your programs on TV. Now I  can be happy because your programs correct some of the misunderstandings that Arabs have about Christianity. I praise God. But I have one thing against you: Why do you keep the programs so short? This  subject needs more time as we are dealing with the greatest subject there is. I am a Muslim who has accepted Christ, and I am a member of a home church. Please pray for us.”Mohammed from Morocco
"I am very interested in receiving a New Testament that you spoke of in your program. I want to know more about Christianity.”Ramsi, Jordan.
"I am Samira from Israel. I want more information about Jesus."
"I have read this sentence: I am the way the truth and the life ...I knew Jesus has said that, I want to know more about this. I am searching for  the truth; please can you continue to provide me with books and Bibles.” Abdel, Algeria

       Please pray for this minstry

"I was tired from a hard days work when quite by accident I found your program on satellite. What I heard and saw disturbed me, is this really true? If so, why have we not been told about this before? I cannot sleep with these thoughts in my head, please send me a Bible and cassette you promised in your program. Thank you for coming to my home with this message. Respectfully,”  from Bahrain

"After I watched your program on satellite, I felt so happy and I feel there is a hidden power which attracted me to get a Bible, can you send me one? God bless.” Abdulhak, Morocco
"I heard of your programs from a friend whom I have met on the internet. I am not convinced it is the truth, but I will keep watching the programs as  they are well made and interesting.” from Oman
"Thank you for your programs on satellite, your good news for all people,  absolutely I believe that these programs are having an effect on so many people. I am a Christian, and I would like to get some Bibles and cassettes to distribute.” Ube, Algeria
"Thank you for your letter. I was surprised at how quickly you answered me. I need to know there is someone whom I can share my thoughts with.  I am a good guy; do not go to disco. Since childhood I have been interested in Christianity, it is a peaceful religion. I like the Injil, could you please send me one?” Shauk, Morocco
"Greetings from my country. My story is that I lost my best friend when these crazy things happened in Algeria. The last time I was my friend was  when he traveled by train to another city. The next day I heard that the fundamentalists shot and killed everyone on that train. I have not heard from him since then. His last words to me were: Pray for me. But I can not, can you pray for him?” Ibrahim, Algeria
"I am a young man, 26 years studying in university. I have been following your programs on satellite. I had a very good stable life but I do not feel happy inside. Everyone admires me but I am not satisfied. I am trying to learn why I am unhappy. You have promised in your programs that you  will send a Bible and cassette... Maybe from these I can find happiness.” Abdulnoor, Algeria
"Greetings, and thank you for your letter. It was six o'clock in the evening and it encouraged me so much. I was so hopeless, but everyday I am now  following your programs. I do not have satellite. I am a Christian, but I do not have a Bible to know more about my Jesus, the Saviour. I am eager to get a copy.” Abdel, Algeria
"I come from a rich family, and I do not need anything, but I have one problem, I can not be a good Muslim. I would like to have a good religion,  but I do not know what it is. I have been trying to contact a Bible school and am prepared to pay anything. I want to study the Christian religion. Maybe for now I can just be a member of your team.” Said, Morocco
"I am following your programs every Friday, Thursday and Wednesday. I wish it was on every day. When I watch your program the first time, I felt strangely safe, which I cannot get anywhere else. You promised to send a Bible, so please send me one.” Habiba, Morocco
"My dear brother, I was waiting for your letter, I wondered why you did not reply to me? I want you to teach me how I can pray. I was sick and wanted to know how to pray, I did not know what to say. I have an empty life, I have no friends, but you know, that I know Isa (Jesus) and He heard me, and he is listening.”
"I was studying in university but stopped because of family problems. I found your address on TV. From my childhood I have heard there are  channels that speak of Christianity. But I did not listen to any of them. There is a feeling inside of me that I like Jesus, but I want to know what  will the benefits be for me? I would like to get more information about how a Muslim can become a Christian; of course you will give me a Bible so I am waiting. Thank you.” Boulam, Algeria
"I really like your programs, I know you have done lots of work to make these programs. Please send me a Bible, I respect you very much.” Lady from Morocco
"I do not write my name or my address because I do not want you to follow me. I write to tell you that you must change your mind. You are  poisoning our minds in this country. We believe in one God and you are crazy to believe in three gods, repent and God can forgive you. We have a complete religion and it is Islam. You are saying that Jesus is a God,  shame on you! If you do not change your mind, I will send more letters like this. I am waiting for the next series to see how my letter has affected you.” S... from Middle East.
"Sorry, I was late in writing to you. I am a believer, of course my background is Islam, I am thankful for the Shepherd who has chosen me  as one of His sheep. I am waiting for your letter as I have many things to discuss with you.” Haruri, Morocco
"I am very interested in receiving a New Testament that you spoke of in your program. I want to know more about Christianity.” Ramsi, Jordan
"I thank God to have a faithful friend like you. I am so happy to share with you many things. I want that we can continue. I've been corresponding  with other ministries, but believe me I am most comfortable with you. Could you phone me, as I would like to hear from you? Also could you send me the correspondence course?” Roshdi, Morocco
Jesus Said,"The Harvest is plentiful but the workers are few...”
Prayerfuly consider about becoming a partner with The Bible Channel ministry today.Please Click Here to Contact us.

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