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Feeding Hungry Souls with The Word of God

Christians in the Arab world are hungry for the pure teachings of the Word of God. They want to grow deeper in the knowledge of the Bible and walk hand in hand with Jesus. They want the pure message of the Bible without denominational differences. They want to know God and have a deeper fellowship with Him. They want teaching from the Bible so they can have a better understanding about their faith in Jesus Christ and tell others about the love of God.

The hunger for the Bible teachings in the Arab World is not just from Christians but also from non-Christians. Many non-Christians are writing from North Africa and the Middle East requesting for the copies of the Holy Bible and asking questions about Jesus and Christianity.

Many of the non-Christians are having visions and dreams about Jesus and coming to know Christ secretly.

There is a great need among the Arabic-speaking people for the Bible teaching. But non-Christians  and new believers don't want outsiders to know about their interest in the Bible and the teachings of Jesus. Otherwise they can face danger.

A pastor from Jordan said, "We Christians are  good at two things. We are good at taking risks to bring Arabs into the Kingdom of God and we are good at losing them back to their old ways through lack of discipleship."

So what are we doing? Keep reading to learn more about what The Bible Channel is doing in the Arab World.

Jesus Said, ‘Go and make disciples of all nations... and teach them to obey everything I have commanded you. Matthew 28:19-20.

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