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 Encouraging comment from Arab Christian Leaders and Ministries working in the Arab World.

"I believe there are millions of people in the Arab world who long to have Christian fellowship and I think by using television we can show and teach people how to have a home fellowship that can meet needs, have worship and teaching and that can literally create tens of thousands of home churches  throughout our part of the world.” Life Agape Middle East

"I believe that the Lord will use The Bible Channel to use this ministry to  train Arabic Teachers, Arabic Evangelists within their countries to do this ministry in their countries.” Pastor Abdulmasih
"Satellite is a tremendous way of reaching, we never had anything like that before. We are much luckier than Saint Peter preaching and winning three  thousand persons to Christ on the day of Pentecost, we can reach more people. Satellite is a blessing, let’s use it for the service of the Gospel of  Jesus Christ and its expansion.” Pastor Manis Abdulnoor - Cairo, Egypt.
"It’s very clear that millions of people watch The Bible Channel and when  you walk Cairo’s streets or any city outside Cairo, you will find many satellite dishes over the roofs of the buildings and we are fortunate that we  have free accessibility to receive satellite dishes here without any obligations.”
Pastor Hani, Underground Church - Egypt
"One of the greatest challenges we have as we seek to use the medium of television to minister to minister to the peoples in North Africa and the  Middle East is availability of programming. And we are very happy to be working with The Bible Channel who’s programming complements that of  Sat-7. Provides valuable teaching. Specially to isolated group of believers in different countries across the region. North Africa specially, its very hard for believers to meet together to get adequate teaching, encouragement and so The Bible Channel is playing a very vital part to providing that kind of support for the believers in this very needy areas.”
Terry Ascott - CEO Sat-7 Channel - Middle East
"What’s significant about satellite broadcasting is that it crosses boarders,  there’s no way that governments can stop it, there’s no way that the secret police or internal security can stop this message from getting to the people for whom it’s intended. That’s one of the significant advantages of a satellite broadcast.” Ranjan Thakre Norway
"The most powerful thing we can do is to get the Word of God out and by having Bible teaching going out over the satellite airwaves we are able to  literally impact tens of millions of people for the gospel of Jesus Christ. For its the Bible that God uses to touch people’s hearts and the Holy Spirit will use it to convict them of righteousness and of sin and of judgment and of the wonderful salvation in Jesus Christ.”
Campus Crusade for Christ
"Having a Christian programme once a week is great, having it every day is much greater. People are hungry, they want to know, they listen. Waiting for a whole week before they get another message, wow, we can have it tomorrow. So let’s do it every day. Let’s do our best to have it every day.”
Kasre Dubara Evangelical Church - Cairo, Egypt.
"I support the Bible. That’s why I do support The Bible Channel, I support the Word of God, I would pay my life for it. Because my life without the Word of God is worth nothing. But I would pay my life to invite people and simplify and to facilitate them to sit and listen the word of God in their homes, in their homes.”
Hoda - Coptic Orthodox Church
"Satellite has an advantage that it can go where missionaries, or mission agencies working on the ground can’t even expect to reach. Many situations  because of small, remote villages, because of geography or simply because of the danger of exposing themselves to the security police or religious authorities, what have you. The satellite is available to everyone who has a dish and throughout the Arab World the proliferation of dishes is just  increasing many fold so the potential to reach people that will not have a chance to be touched by human contact or Bible distribution, or what have you, is there through satellite.” Miracle Channel
"I really thank God very much for the satellites and for television. Its been used by Satan. Now this is time to use it for the Bible. And The Bible  Channel is giving it the best way because it simplifies it amplifies. It gives the word it gives the word of God and it disciples. And this is the Christian  vision. It is to go to the whole world and make disciples. This is how to make disciples. When you gather all the thirsting souls. These hungry souls.  All these souls who are searching to discover the Truth. Searching for the Truth.”
Arab Pastor from Middle East
"Many Arabic countries have no opportunity to have their minister from their community or from their country. Because there are very few  Christians. So I believe that it needs to have pastors from their nations. And I praise the Lord because The Bible Channel is the unique satellite TV who  does this ministry. They have very good evangelical teachers who can teach the Word of God to Arabic speakers to give them the opportunities to be teachers and evangelists.”
Pastor Vajih
"In The Bible Channel we get the Word. We get it explained and you just get it instantly. You just open your TV and there God speaks to your heart. And  there God gives you the water of the Spirit and simplifies the Word and simplifies the Way. Because he is the Word. He is the Light. And He is the Way.”
Viewer from North Africa
"I think The Bible Channel is very important and I think it is unique in the area which they work in, which is studying the Word of God. Evangelism is  great and speaking about different things is good. But to study the Bible is the best thing any person can do and especially through the TV.” Pastor Ibrahim
"Lots of people will have no chance to understand the Word of God. Including the people who attend the church. Because churches speak about  subjects but does not speak about studying the Word of God. So it collects lot of people in homes to start to open the Bibles and to read and to study with the programme in The Bible Channel. It will be a church for some people. It will nourish their lives and make them not only just born again  Christians BUT strong Christians. And this can make them fulfill the call of God in their life. I encourage it from all of my heart. And I like to see not only one day or two day - everyday it can be something in the daily life of people.” Pastor from Egypt
We thank God for your encouragement and support for The Bible  Channel ministry. May you be blessed and be a blessing to many.

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